Fishing is a form of hunting that requires the catching of fish by means of hooks and or traps. The terminology does not limit itself to fish alone because it may also be linked with the act of catching other edible aquatic animals. The act of fishing goes back to ancient times and had its share of different styles and developments as new technologies and means were introduced. Fishing has also earned its reputation not only as a means for producing food but also as a recreational activity.

Fishing is said to have begun as a practice as early as 10,000 years ago. Evidence was seen in cave paintings that showed and depicted the act of fishing and near the area of the paintings were dug out bones of seafood consumed in large amounts. In those times when people lived a hunting-gathering lifestyle, fishing was one of the most essential acts of survival. Early settlements were usually found near bodies of water. As an option and as a necessity, fishing was another alternative to acquire food.

It was the Neolithic culture which made the basic forms of fishing spread through other parts of the world, aside from pottery and agriculture. The Egyptians were blessed with the river Nile. Paintings of these people in tomb scenes were innovative when it came to fishing. The use of buckets, nets, traps, harpoon lines, and hooks were present during those times. Later on, metal hooks with herbs as baits came into the picture. It was also that during these times, the practice of clubbing to totally kill the captured fish started. The Romans and the Greeks also depicted some scenarios of fishing in ancient times but it usually was connected with the lower status quo.

Through all the developments that fishing has undergone the basics have just been mixed with new forms of catching materials to make things more convenient for the fisherman. Materials such as spears, hooks, and even electricity are being used to fish. Other forms like harpoons and explosives are illegal in some areas in the world. Harpooning is usually associated with the whale species. Whales these days have become scarce and are now considered as endangered. Groups of whale protectors have surfaced to protect the animals. Explosives, on the other hand, causes damage to the area it hits. Not only does it kill a number of fishes in a single explosion but it also damages the habitat around the area, from the destruction of the corals to the sea bed itself.

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