People who suffer from panic attacks know the feeling of impending doom and the fear that set in when that feeling crosses the line from paranoia to reality. There are lots of things to fear as well as to dread when it comes to panic attacks and most of them revolve around the possibility of a panic attack coming on and whether you can avoid them.

Taking the right course of action is essential and that includes changing your attitude and how you think about the possibility of having a panic attack. In addition, changing your mindset may be one of the most difficult things to do. But if you can get past the fear and take action on the thought process that triggers your panic attacks, then you may be in the path of doing the necessary things to eliminate them permanently.

A common phrase used by people who have panic attacks is “Anxiety makes you feel afraid.” But is that really true? Or is it a stereotype?

It really depends on what type of panic attack you are having and the severity of it. For example, someone with panic attacks that are very severe may be in denial. They think that the situation is hopeless and that they will die at the hands of their attacker. But if they take the appropriate steps, they may find out that they can survive a panic attack.

How does anxiety cause a panic attack? Well, you may be able to pinpoint specific triggers that will set you off to having a panic attack. But ultimately, it has to do with the way your brain reacts to certain triggers.

According to experts, that reaction is made up of some level of internal brain chatter that warns your body that danger is there. But when you go ahead and engage in activities that will activate that particular brain chatter, your body jumps into survival mode.

This is good news because now your body is preparing for the worst. What you must do is try to keep the level of chatter down so that the body doesn’t have to engage in survival mode.

One good way to do this is to focus on relaxation, breathing techniques, and to keep a light heart. It is important to breathe deeply and allow you to get the chance to calm down and to make some room for the next step. Also, letting yourself be in total control of your mind will also help calm you down.

There are lots of other factors as well that can cause a person to panic. Examples include a problem with alcohol, smoking or even working on the computer. A person should also consider learning and implementing some coping mechanisms that can help prevent a panic attack.

Dealing with panic attacks can be very difficult but if you can get past the fear and make it happen by taking the right steps, you may have just saved yourself from an episode of panic. Just remember that there is help and that help is available. And while it may take some time to put all the pieces together, the road will be easier when you are dealing with anxiety and not panic attacks.

At the same time, remember that you need to trust in your own ability to avoid a panic attack. Only then will you be able to start working on changing your thoughts and actions so that you can keep them at bay.

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