Have you been wondering what the reason behind your large pores is? Well, this is a very common question and it should not be taken lightly. It is because a healthy skincare routine is the key to a beautiful and glowing skin.

As you can probably guess, your skin is not a useless thing but instead has to be concerned with two major functions. The first function is for its protection and the second function is for nourishment. What happens when these functions are affected? That is what makes the appearance of a bad skin look so unattractive.

Let us take a look at how pore size distribution affects your skin. The bigger the pores, the more likely they are to get clogged with sebum or dirt, and the less the skin will be able to absorb necessary nutrients. Since the larger pores are also more prone to clogging, it is not uncommon to see some people who have developed acne in response to an enlarged pore.

Another effect of clogged pores is the overproduction of the oil gland, especially sebum. When the pores do not allow the amount of sebum and other oils that come in contact with them to dry out sufficiently, bacteria will soon form. You can also find dead cells in your pores, this is mainly caused by the excess production of the oil glands. So now you know what causes the overproduction of oils and what the effects are.

Most people with large pores also suffer from acne scars. There are two main factors that contribute to acne scars: the quantity of accumulated oil and the shape of the dermal scar. For example, when a small acne scar appears, it usually reflects the excessive production of sebum. On the other hand, when a large one appears, the cause can be related to excessive oil production.

Most skincare products only contain ingredients that act as mild exfoliants. There are also products that treat large pores as well as skin tags. There are also skincare products that actually prevent the occurrence of acne scars.

When someone is suffering from acne, it is best to prevent it by preventing any type of stress. Stress can also lead to clogged pores, and this is exactly what most skincare products attempt to achieve.

Unfortunately, no skincare product can change the size of big pores. What can help people with big ones is proper skincare and a proper diet. Improper diet can lead to increased sebum production, and if this is the case, the results will probably be acne.

Some people also consider their family history as the main cause of acne, since the likelihood of developing acne are higher in families with genes that increase the production of sebum. However, family history does not play the same role in genetic makeup as the type of skin. You can still avoid acne simply by maintaining a healthy diet.

By following a healthy lifestyle, you should be able to avoid having acne. These include drinking lots of water, avoiding foods that are high in sebum production like cheese, chocolate, and beef, eating lots of vegetables and fruits, eating lots of fresh food, avoiding certain types of fatty foods, and staying away from too much alcohol and smoking.

So it is now obvious that whatever the cause of your large pores is, whether it is genetics acne, or you just need some good skincare, your skincare products can not do anything. The only way you can eliminate this problem is by treating the cause, which is your skincare.

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