Asthma is a condition that affects the airways in the lungs. It results in narrowing of the airways leading to shortness of breath and difficulty in breathing. Asthma has been well known for many years. Many children with asthma have been well treated.

Asthma is not a disease that should be overlooked, it can have serious effects on a child’s quality of life. A child with an asthma attack can be left lying motionless, unable to move, and have difficulty breathing. They can also suffer from lung problems and asthma attacks. The prognosis for asthma is much better when caught early on.

Allergies can be one of the causes of asthma. Children can often have allergies and asthma in the same attack. The triggers of asthma can be caused by pollen, dust, food, chemical, seasonal allergies, etc. Asthma is not always diagnosed right away because the symptoms are not easily noticed and there are many children that are experiencing symptoms of asthma but they cannot identify them.

Some children will have a more specific allergy or trigger. Many children who are allergic to cats or dogs have asthma. A child with a more specific allergy will probably have a more severe attack. For example, a child with an allergy to sheep would not have the same problems as a child with an allergy to dogs.

The causes of asthma in children vary according to the ages of the children. Some causes are hereditary such as asthma in siblings or parents. Some environmental causes can include being born to an asthma patient or being around people who have asthma.

Different types of treatment are available for each type of asthma in children. There are medications that can be taken or other treatments that may be done by a doctor. Treatment depends on the severity of the problem. Most people have severe asthma attacks every few years. In some children, there may be no trouble at all.

Parents need to keep their children in a very strict routine to ensure that the child stays well. This may include bed rest, reducing physical activities, and restricting the amount of food a child eats. Snacking is a big no-no. However, some doctors feel that even the food a child eats can be a cause of asthma, so their advice is for the child to eat several small meals a day.

There are lots of prescription drugs that can help with asthma in children. These drugs are usually more for adults than for children. Using these drugs may need to be adjusted when a child is older.

Medications are also available that are made especially for children. These medications can help with asthma in children that are having breathing problems. If a child is having problems breathing, a medication called nebulizer can be used to help with this problem.

It is recommended that your child be seen by their family doctor as soon as possible and be given all the medications that are needed. If a child is having issues with a specific medication, they should contact their family doctor to make sure they can continue to take the medications.

Another thing that helps to help children who have asthma is through changes in lifestyle. Many things can be done to help the condition to improve. Take the time to find out what causes asthma in children and what needs to be done about it.

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