Panic attacks are the most feared moments in the life of a person suffering from them. The attack can be intense, terrifying and it can have many symptoms. They can manifest themselves in as few as three moments and as many as several hours. There is no way of knowing the number of panic attacks that people around the world go through on a daily basis, but it is estimated that one out of every fifty people suffer from some form of anxiety or panic disorder.

Panic attacks affect both the mind and the body. When they are brought on by fear of an impending danger or other negative elements, they do not seem to affect the mind at all. However, when they are brought on by stressful situations, like the stress of financial matters, they tend to affect the mind more severely. Most people that suffer from this problem will only feel the symptoms for a minute or two, but the person will go back to that same stressful situation again, and eventually, the condition will become chronic. It can be quite hard to deal with this disorder for a long period of time. It is quite possible that a person may need to seek therapy before he or she can come to terms with their problems.

There are quite a few treatments that can be tried for panic attacks. Some of them involve medications, which may bring some relief to a patient. However, the most common treatments are cognitive behavioral therapy and self-help methods. This may seem a bit extreme, but if a person has not known how to treat panic attacks before, it is necessary to find ways to help the patient get control of his or her condition. Some people, as a result of using these methods, find that their condition does not get worse over time and that it is instead greatly reduced.

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